meet Britain™ を代表して鈴木理恵がご挨拶申し上げます。




I, Rie Suzuki, would like to warmly greet you on behalf of meet Britain™. Great Britain - A country with rich history and refined traditions. What appears at first as seemingly ordinary places and streets on the map of Great Britain often hide fascinating stories of both the entwined landscapes and history. While traveling Britain with a knowledgeable guide, letting you become aware of these true identities it will bring you a deep fulfilling astonishment. These immeasurable discoveries cannot be obtained through just another simplistic group travel package. Thus for both individuals and groups our expert support will be able to transform your holiday into as extraordinary and meaningful trip of lifetime.

Managing Director of meet Britain™

鈴木理恵(すずき・りえ) / Rie Suzuki

日本の大学を卒業後、新聞社系列の広告代理店で4年間営業職として勤務。広告・営業の経験を活かし、日本初上陸のインターナショナル・ホテルと知られていたヒルトン東京にセールス・プランナーとして転職。PRコーディネーター兼セールス・プランナーとしての8年の実績と経験をかわれ、開業間もない横浜ベイシェラトン ホテル&タワーズのPRマネージャーに。「2003年度スターウッド・アジアパシフィック地区PRアワード」受賞を経て、ハイアット・リージェンシー東京のマーケティング・コミュニケーションズ部 アソシエイト・ダイレクターに就任。転職と転職の間や休暇を使っての10年におよぶ英国留学の繰り返しに終止符を打ち、2006年本格的に生活拠点を英国に移す。シティにあるIT企業勤務の傍ら、本業である日本からの旅行者・留学生・研究員の方々のリサーチや観光の同行サポートを務めていたが、現在は本業に専念。

After graduating from a Japanese university Ms Suzuki's exciting career began when she joined an advertising agency gaining 4 years sales experience. With her mastered advertising and new creation abilities, she then joined Hilton Tokyo as a PR Coordinator & Sales Planner. Her aggregated 8 years experience and achievements in Hilton Tokyo were highly esteemed by Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers which had only just opened, so she moved up as The PR Manager. After her impressive dedication Ms Suzuki received the renowned prize of 'Starwood Awards Public Relations of the Year 2003 - Japan, Korea & Guam', she was then promoted to the Associate Director of Marketing Communications in Hyatt Regency Tokyo. Although Ms Suzuki went back and forth between Japan and the UK for 10 years, she has been based in the UK since 2006. She started working as an assistant for Japanese tourists and students while she had been working at IT company in the City. Ms Suzuki quit her IT job so she could dedicate herself to assisting them by her wealth of valuable information.